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Whenever there is a want for delivering dynamic content to users, there is a sure formula concerned. the only of those delivers the most recent content, as is that the case with blogs and news websites, or social networks like Twitter. however that does not continually cut it, as a result of typically, users wish quite simply the most recent news. they require the highest and quality content, as is that the case with Google Search. And not not like Google's Search formula, Facebook has its own formula for ranking posts, and displaying them on your newsfeed. And this formula is termed EdgeRank.

It is the work of the EdgeRank formula to form positive that your Facebook Newsfeed gets stuffed with the foremost necessary posts. The formula judges the importance of a post for a specific user , be it a standing update or a photograph, by analysing it through the factors like range of ‘likes’ or ‘comments’ it gets. Its prime objective is to present the foremost necessary post the highest find time for your ‘Newsfeed’.

Understanding EdgeRank becomes easy if you get to understand few of the terms related to this formula. The calculation of EdgeRank is as shown within the image below.

EdgeRank formula

Anything that happens on Facebook is termed Associate in Nursing ‘edge’. It may be a standing update, a photograph shared, a comment or a ‘like’. Facebook provides its users with some ways through that they'll socialize and categorical themselves. A user World Health Organization uses any of those options is truly generating a foothold (except for personal messages). as an example, if I update my standing, then i'm generating a foothold and any user World Health Organization ‘likes’ my standing or comments on that, is additionally generating a foothold.


Affinity is that the live of a user’s relationship with a foothold. it's calculated by analysing the magnitude of a user’s interaction with the perimeters of a specific person or a whole. The a lot of you ‘like’ or inquire into an individual or a brand’s edges, the a lot of you get to check them on your Newsfeed. Even clicking on a foothold will increase the affinity of a user thereupon edge.


Weight is that the fastened price Facebook has allotted to Associate in Nursing action on a foothold. A user’s action on a foothold may be a ‘like’ or a inquire into that edge (ignoring it won’t count). It won’t be tough to know that why Facebook has allotted a lot of weight to a comment as compared thereto of a ‘like’, it’s as a result of comment depicts higher user involvement, whereas a like is simply a click.

Time Decay

This live helps keep your Newsfeed safe from all those posts that had been attention-grabbing someday within the past, however not any longer. Like everything that loses its charm with time, a foothold on Facebook additionally loses its importance with the passage of your time. Mathematically, it's calculated by taking the reciprocal of the time of a foothold.
Importance from user’s perspective

For a normal user, EdgeRank plays a crucial role in creating Facebook Newsfeed diverting and informative. It helps in obtaining the Newsfeed stuffed with content a user wish’s to check on his/her Newsfeed, whereas ensuring that the feed doesn't contain content already viewed by the user within the past.
Importance from Advertisers perspective

For Associate in Nursing advertizer mistreatment Facebook for whole promotion, EdgeRank plays a really necessary role. It helps in measurement the effectiveness of a billboard campaign. Associate in Nursing advertizer will use out there tools to calculate the edgerank of the posts on Facebook then improve his/her edges consequently. This helps lots in mistreatment the budget assign for social media advertising in Associate in Nursing economical and effective manner.

Optimize my fan page for EdgeRank?

It's hard to trick an algorithm into thinking that your content is interesting. It's much easier to rewrite your content so your fans leave more likes and comments.
Take your stodgy press releases, and turn them into questions that compel your fans to engage.
Here's some examples:
  • "Click 'like' if you're excited that we just released our iPad app."
  • "Fill-in-the-blank: All I want for Christmas is ___. Our latest Christmas special is X."
  • "Yes/No: I brushed my teeth last night. We just announed a new brand of toothpaste."
  • "On a scale of 1-10, I think Obama is a great president. Watch this video of our CEO shaking hands with Obama."

All those likes and comments will increase the Affinity Score between each fan and your page, boosting how many fans see your status updates in their newsfeed.

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